Hey, I'm Dan Jet Elson.
The "Digital Freedom Fighter" Online Marketing Guy...
  • I'm An Online Marketer With Over 8 Years Online Marketing Expertise, Knowledge & Experience Gained From Working In Digital Marketing Agencies In The UK and Aus, And Working With Some Of The Biggest Brands In The World!
  • I'm A Coach & Mentor in Online Marketing & Starting Your Own Online Business And Create Your Own True Freedom Lifestyle!
  • I'm A Digital Nomad Or As I Prefer To Say..."Digital Freedom Fighter"!
  • I'm Living My Own "True Freedom Lifestyle" And I'm Helping Others To Do The Same!
It's My Life Mission To Help Improve People's Lives...
That's My WHY In Life. 

My Story

Throughout My Life, I Have Always Been Fascinated By Entrepreneurship And Business...
Born In Bradford, England, During School/College, I Started My Own Market Trader Business Selling Confectionery At 17.

A Few Years Later I Graduated From Manchester Met University With A Degree In Advertising & Brand Management (Marketing).

After Graduating, I Got My First Break In online Marketing Where I Was Responsible For Driving new and used car leads for an Automotive Dealership Network Group.

Then, I Jumped Into The Digital Marketing Agencies World, Where I Gained Extensive Experience In Online Marketing Working For An Award Winning Search Marketing Agency, An International Digital Marketing Agency And I Spent Nearly Two Years Working For The Largest Independent Marketing Agency In Sydney, Australia!

Throughout My 8 Year Corporate Career in online marketing, I Advised, Consulted & Managed Campaigns For Some Of The Biggest Brands In The UK And Australia.  

I Am Now A Fully Remote Online Marketer, Advising, Consulting And Managing Campaigns For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses, In The Art And Science Of Online Marketing.

My aim is to be your trusted advisor when it comes to all things online marketing. From brand awareness, to selling more to Existing Customers (retention) or acquiring new customers, I'm here to Increase Your Leads And Sales, Revenue And Profit!

I Am Your New Trusted Advisor In Online Marketing!

Being An Trusted Advisor in online marketing Provides Me With The Opportunity To Improve The Lives Of My Clients, Those Close To Them (Employees And Loved Ones!) And The Lives Of Their Customers!

In Addition To This, I Am Also Helping To Improve People's Lives By Freeing 21st-Century Slaves!

My Latest Venture, JetTheJoureny.Com, Is Where I am helping, Inspiring & Mentoring People To Start An Online Business And Become Digital Nomads Or As I Prefer To Say Digital Freedom Fighters!

Would You Like To Run An Online Business That Allows You To Work From Anywhere & Travel The World? To Create Your Own True Freedom Lifestyle?
A True Freedom Lifestyle Where You Can Do What You Want, When You Want And Where You Want And For Some Of It You Get Paid?!

Are You Ready To Join The True Freedom Lifestyle Movement?
Learn More At JetTheJoureny.Com
Are You A Business Owner Looking To...
Increase Leads & Sales? 

Are You Looking To...

Start An Online Business & Create Your Own 
True Freedom Lifestyle?
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About Me
Hey, I'm Dan Jet Elson.

I'm The "Digital Freedom Fighter" Online Marketing Guy Who's On A Mission To Help Improve People's Lives! 

I'm Part Of An Underground Movement Of People (Digital Nomads, or as i prefer to say "Digital freedom fighters!") Who Have Mastered A Way To Use The Internet To Escape 9 to 5 Slavery And Create Their Own True Freedom Lifestyle, Where We Can Do What We Want, When We Want And Where We Want And For Some Of It We Get Paid!

This Is The True Freedom Lifestyle (TFL) Movement.
Are You With Us?!
"My Why In Life is To Help Improve People's Lives!"
Dan Jet Elson
how can i help you?
Service 1: Increasing Leads And Sales, Revenue & Profit For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses!

Service 2: Helping, Inspiring & Mentoring Those That Want To Start An Online Business, Become Digital Freedom Fighters & Create Their Own True Freedom Lifestyle!

Business Owners

To find out how i can help you drive more leads and sales, Revenue and Profit for your business, book a free strategy call with me, click the button below. 

Start An Online Business

To learn more about my True Freedom Lifestyle Mentoring program and to see if you're the right fit, click on the button below. 

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